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Raaya Karas






Raaya Karas is an esteemed illustrator and designer living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her art work was exhibited in various festivals & exhibitions around the world, and she is the winner of The Yossi Stern Award for Outstanding Achievements in Illustration as well as the Graduate’s Scholarship by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for distinction in arts. Her graduation short animation film, "Some space for tomorrow" has been exhibited in numerous international film festivals.
After graduating with honors from The Dept. of Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Art & Design with a degree in Graphic Design, she worked for DPSI Animation in Jerusalem as leading animator, before taking a position as Senior Designer at Zlango Ltd. All the while, she continued developing her freelance career. In 2009 she decided to concentrate her efforts solely in freelancing.
Raaya has worked with the most prominent Israeli writers and publishers, and her illustrated books won praising reviews and gained commercial success. Her book work ranges from picture books to chapter books and is always imbued with gentleness, humor and warmth.

Raaya started drawing at a very young age, and had been a self-taught artist till she arrived at Bezalel. Her love for books started in early childhood: before she could read, she used to bug all the members of her family to read for her. When she was almost five, she learned to read so as to gain independence in that area. The fairy tales and adventure stories she read inspired her to draw pictures to accompany and enrich them. She created pictures just to let her imagination run wild and have fun, and it was a joyous day when she discovered she could turn this into a career.

Filmography & selected exhibitions:
2003 – Bezalel Graduates’ exhibition, Bezalel, Jerusalem, Israel
2004 – “Artic” Exhibition, Schreiber University Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel
International Women’s Film Festival, Israel
Milano Film Festival, Italy
Clermont-Ferrand Festival, France
Izmir International Film Festival, Turkey
2005 - International Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco, USA
2006 - International Jewish Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland
2007 – Exhibition in Yad vashem’s School of the teaching of the holocaust
2007 – Partaking in group exhibition of illustration for the children’s magazine Einayim
2008 - "Signs of life", modern art exhibition in Ticho House Gallery, Jerusalem
2008 - Group exhibition, The Gallery of Israeli Art, Kibutz Kabri
2013 - "Ballene e Capelli Blu", Group exhibition of Israeli illustration, Venice, Italy
2013 - "100 books, 200 covers", Group exhibition of Book Covers, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 - Exhibited in the "Nami concours" exhibition, Nami Island, Korea
2015 - Took part in the group exhibition "Still Optimistic", in memory of the artist Dudu Geva, HiT, Holon, ISrael